Portrait F II 21

In an interview, Strook once stated that he loves the poses in ecclesiastical art: “figures that seem to submit to everything quietly and meekly, while at the same time emanating great power and dignity”. In this sacred place full of historical and Biblical art, Strook adds an image of contemporary humanity. One that is constructed, however, from centuries old materials. The portrait is unrecognisable.
It is the universal human being, whether religious or not, white or black, rich or poor.
His ‘head’ in the church is monumental, the portrait occupies a large part of the west wall and yet it is humble. A silent portrait of humankind with all its weaknesses, physical and mental wounds, that is at the service of this place. Strook enlarges the insignificance and fragility into a composition that is 3.5 metres high. Depending on the incidence of light, a form of melancholy descends upon the work.

Recycled wood sculpture
340 x 180 cm