Portrait of a human being

‘Portrait of a human being’ – When the city of Ghent asked me to make a work inspired by Van Eyck, I realized how our styles differed – I could never match his inimitable technique. But I was also struck by the spaciousness and the presence of dialogues throughout his works. Since September 2019, I’ve been collecting wood from exclusive locations – St. Bavo’s Cathedral, Leopoldskazerne, Luca School of Arts and a former AA Gent supporter’s bar, to name a few – throughout Ghent. These locations defined the colours of my newest work. It’s a special one, a ‘diptych’.

I aligned two figures diagonally to play with space and depth but also to create a dialogue. You might see this as two persons looking at each other but in fact it’s just one, looking in the mirror, entering into confrontation with itself. Van Eyck thematically relied on religion but in this day and age, I believe a personal approach is more fitting. No divine intervention can avail if you cannot look in the mirror. No contact can be made before we are in touch with ourselves.