‘It’s only a matter of time’ 2021

It’s only a matter of time

The central theme that can be distilled from his oeuvre is ‘time’, a concept that has always inspired Strook. This is evident from the raw materials he chooses. For Musea Brugge’s ‘Mind the Artist’ project, Stefaan will go in search of patinated materials in and around a number of heritages sites in Bruges. In this way, the city’s rich historical past will form the basis for several new installations and works of art.

‘For me, there is something magical about old and time-aged materials. They possess a kind of spontaneity that is impossible to recreate. The colours, the paint, the relief of the surfaces… Together they create an aesthetic record of everything the material has experienced over the years. In them, you can literally “see” time passing. It is a privilege to work with such materials.’

More info: https://www.museabrugge.be/kalender/tentoonstellingen/strook